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Why you should NOT use SQUARE for Merchant Processing

Merchant Pro LLC

Merchant Pro LLC focuses on your business, and processes credit cards for a wide variety of industries. What differentiates Merchant Pro from our many competitors is our 100% commitment to customer service, and our unwavering quest to make merchants happy with their credit card processing. Merchant Pro guarantees to save you money on your current processing, or will cut you a “no questions asked” check for $500.

With 18 years in the business, we have never had to pay this out, but are always prepared to if we cannot beat your rate!

Merchant Pro works with a wide variety of merchants and industries including retail, restaurants, Internet accounts, mail order/phone order, and high risk. Merchant Pro will place you with the best processing fit for you as a merchant, which eliminates many after-the-fact processing headaches.

Are you a merchant needing supplies? Merchant Pro stocks a wide selection of both credit card terminals and terminal paper. So whether you need a new terminal, 10 rolls of paper, or 3 cases of paper, please let us know, and we will get it to you quickly.

Cash Discount

Why should the merchant pay the fees?  After all, it is a convenience for the customer, and the customer is the one who receives the points to redeem for frequent flyer tickets, gift cards etc.

With cash discount, you are able to add a small service charge to the customer as long as you offer a discount for cash.  You are essentially rewarding the customer for paying with cash, yet giving them a choice to use a credit card.  Gas stations have been doing it for years.  However, you must advertise that everyone is entitled to a cash discount, meaning if the customer pays cash, he/she will not be charged the extra fee.  Our free terminal takes care of the rest.  It even prompts the customer to the amount of the fee before running the sale through, giving them a chance to switch to cash if they wish.

There is no differentiation amongst credit card types.  All credit cards clear at the same rate.

Europay Mastercard Visa

Mastercard Visa (EMV) is the single-biggest thing impacting merchants today. In fact, it is the biggest thing to happen to the credit card industry in over a decade.

Merchants can opt to ignore it, but then will be liable for any fraud related charges arising when a stolen credit card from a customer is utilized at their POS terminal. This technology has been the norm in Europe and Canada for years, and is just now becoming a forced initiative in the United States.

EMV compliance is easily attained with Merchant Pro; often with just getting the right training and right EMV terminal. Merchant Pro makes it a point to install and train on the credit card machine in person, which is greatly appreciated by most merchants.

5 Things you may Not know about EMV

  1. EMV, which stands for “Europay Mastercard Visa,” is a suggestion and not a requirement. While it is a strong suggestion; much like wearing a seat-belt while driving, not texting while driving, or not leaving your front door unlocked when you go shopping, it is nevertheless not a violation for a merchant to not adopt the technology and continue using his/her old credit card terminal.
  2. The transaction process often takes a little longer for EMV. This is especially true for dial-up, and yes, there are still quite a few merchants using dial-up to process credit cards. Adding to the wait time is the newness of EMV, and merchants/clerks not completely familiar with the process.
  3. Chip cards will work on both EMV and non-EMV terminals. They will just be “dipped” for EMV units and “swiped” for non-EMV units on swiped transactions. Key-entered transactions are not subject to EMV regulations; regardless of terminal type. Even for non-EMV units, the much talked about liability shift only occurs on stolen chip card transactions.
  4. Consumers lately are upset at merchants for using non-EMV compliant terminals. This is misplaced anger, as the “liability shift” has no effect on the consumer. In fact, consumers have zero liability for a breach if their credit card remains in their possession, and only up to $50 liability if their card is stolen and used to make illicit purchases. This is the same as it ever was!
  5. Gas stations, via pay at the pump, despite being one of the most fertile environments for skimmers and scammers, are exempt from upgrading to EMV technology until 2017. The high cost of hardware and software upgrades is projected to prevent them from upgrading until that time, so be prepared to continue to pay and swipe at the pump for the foreseeable future!

Scott Espenship

Scott Espenship, Managing Member of Merchant Pro, is always available to answer questions and make sure merchants are comfortable with their processing experience. EMV and the rapid changes occurring in the merchant processing world are making it imperative for merchants to have a trusted contact for questions that come up regarding the electronic movement of their money.

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